Marcus Graham

Audio Post Production

Marcus is still waiting on his acceptance letter from Starfleet. In the meantime, he works across the audio post production spectrum, on everything from sound design to dialogue editing in films and VR.

He holds a 1st class honours degree in music technology and has worked for global and local production companies including Penguin Audio, Red Apple Creative and Audio Always. Marcus is a multi skilled, organised engineer who loves a challenge and finding new ways of making things sound amazing.

Currently he’s working on the audio post production sound for two upcoming short films, including The Peacock that Flew Over (Dir. Max Goldberg) which is screening at this year’s UK Jewish Film Festival.

Marcus interested in any projects involving audio post production across all forms of media.


– Full audio post, on-set sound mixer – Indecision (short film)
– Full audio post – Volunteer in the Esk Valley Camphill Community, UK (YouTube micro doc)
– Dialogue repair and edit – Malevolence “Higher Place” (music video BTS)
– Foley and sound design – Theatredor (advert)