Jett Clark

Creative Marketing Manager

Jett studied illustration and animation at Manchester Met and began a freelance journey in design until he found a passion for content creation, branding and marketing after moving to London. Working for Brompton brands on events such as London fashion weeks and The Gumball Rally; Model Agencies like Storms Annual party; clothing labels, US Artist Launch and Album release parties for Drake and many more, spanning nearly ten years, he worked his way up through management to become a creative director.

With this experiences Jett was led to start his own live music events company working with aspiring artists and marketing them with a monthly live showcase which was live at prestigious events like the Henry Regatta, holding a 3 year residence at a well known members club.

During the pandemic he decided to change direction and began focusing on his own project- a clothing range conception and launch, and with the rise of NFT art, he began creating assets to accompany the clothing brand whilst studying blockchain technology and gaining a strong knowledge of the community. This eventually led him to becoming the Branding/Social Media Director of a fully backed VC decentralised social platform. Here, he began to explore a mixed branding and marketing approach of remaining corporate but using more daring campaigns to gain the most eyes on the brand as possible as well as creating and hosting a podcast for the company.

Jett specialises in creative ways to market product with out-of-the-box thinking, targeting the personal appeal of a customer more than a general blanket marketing approach. With a wide range of tools in his arsenal such as AR filter, NFT and video creation with freehand, digital and traditional design skills added to 15 years of social media and event experience, Jett is a force to reckon with when it comes to creatively marketing your brand to your targeted audience.