Natasha Brooks

Filmmaker, Photographer and Visual Artist

Natasha’s creative interests span many sectors of the industry, interweaving different artforms that all, ultimately, explore the human condition and our links to the natural world. Her early sculptural and conceptual film installations have been exhibited in galleries nationwide, this experimental work providing a perfect foundation that she continues to draw on with all her film and photography work

Her first adventure film, Bluehue, mixed action and arthouse, helping to spur on the wild swimming movement. Collecting awards, it featured in KMF, SHAFF and the BANFF world tour, amongst others, was broadcast on Channel 4, and to date has amassed over 7 million views online.

Natasha is just as at home documenting stories from the extreme, as she is in directing scripted narrative in the studio. A climber and trained freediver, she is happy working from ropes at height, as well as an experienced underwater camera operator. So, whether it be high in the mountains on a big wall, or deep under the ocean, Natasha thrives on the spontaneity and awe inspiring backdrops that these environments offer to the stories that unfold from them.

A skilled cinematographer with an artist’s eye, her talents truly lie as a director, exploring deeper into the philosophy and psychology of her subjects. Carrying this through to the edit, she creates possessing, visceral and impactful films.

End clients:

Channel 4, BBC, ITV, Amazon Prime Video, Berghaus, BMC TV, Rab, Yeti, Bangor University, The Guardian, Der Spiegel.


  • BMC: Women In Adventure Film Competition. Winner.
  • BMC:  Women In Adventure, People’s Choice Award. Winner
  • Kendal Mountain Festival: Special Jury Mention.
  • Llanberis Mountain Film Festival: Spirit Of Adventure. Winner
  • Kendal Mountain Festival – Festival jury panel, 2016
  • Kendal Mountain Festival – Film selectors panel
  • BA – Fine Art
  • MA – Film making